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Website Updates & Maintenance

Already have a website? We'll handle updates, so you can focus on business. 

We are here to help you keep your website maintained and updated with your latest news, announcements, service offerings, specials, etc. 

More than likely, you can maintain and update your own website; But some of the questions are... Is that where you want to spend your time?  Do you have the time with an already packed schedule? Do you really want to struggle through the process? Why not focus on what you do best by providing your customers with your unique services and let us handle the details of keeping your website up-to-date and your customers informed? We are just a phone call or an email message away to help you get it done, —and fast.

Whether it's adding new web pages, images, videos, links to articles OR making updates to existing web pages, we are here to provide support. And most updates are done within 24 hours.

Below is a sampling of some of website maintenance services we provide.
(Other services are available. Just ask us!)

Note: Prices listed are typical & may vary depending on what is needed. (Contact us for quote)

Add new web pages$79+
Remove old web pages$29
Update existing web pages$29+
Link to YouTube video(s)$29 ea
Add / switch photos$29+
Add slide shows / photo galleries 
Add price lists / menus$129+
Search for & fix broken links
Accept PayPal payments or donations$179
Show ratings & reviews with Yelp
Create business logos
$159 & up


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